Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Kozis: The Best Meat in Town

I lie. I admit. Its not the best meat in town. Unfortunately: because it is located outside of town: in the suburban region of Melisia.

Its called Kozis. The name of the place is Kozis. Kozis!

I've written the name of the place three times so it sticks with you... because the 'best meat' part is the gods honest truth!

The story goes, that after reading an article on-line about this tiny grill on http://athens.dailysecret.com/ I decided to visit in search of the best burger. I showed up with a bottle of my all time favourite Nandos extra hot Peri-Peri sauce for the sake of spicing up my meal. I ordered a Burger and my companion ordered a T-bone steak. We shared a caeser salad. Turns out that although Kozis could give a good fight on the 'Best Burger' front, its not worth the effort considering that its meat so much so on another level compared with most, that it just seems that meat is being wasted by everyone else.

As I gulped down the extra crunchy chips dipped in my peri-peri sauce, I caught, what seemed to be, the big cheeses eye. He recognised my Nandos peri-peri sauce (having been brought up in South Africa as is the origin or the Nandos brand) and we got into a conversation about how much we liked it and how it was a shame we couldn't get it in Greece, how I always got people travelling from the UK to bring me some and how he'd discovered an "Extra Hot Caribbean sauce" which was the closest alternative to be found. So much so was the excitement that he told his sister to bring a bottle for us on her way to work, and as we waited he proceeded to provide an large assortment of drinks for us! His name was Kozi!

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Kozis is a family run business named after 'Kozi' - what he was called in South Africa by his friends who couldn't pronounce 'Konstantinos'. The meat marinated in specially ordered south african spice mixtures and cooked to perfection as ordered. I recommend a caesar salad to share and a ribeye steak - end of.

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