Sunday, 12 June 2011

Kozi's: Definitely the best meat in town!

The first time I wrote about Kozi's I said it had the best meat in town. I've been there many, many, many, many times since. Last time was only a few hours ago and I can now confidently say it has, consistently, the best meat in town.

Seriously, I'm generally a fast eater and tend to gulp my food down, but every single time I'm at Kozi's, and have before me that phenomenally juicy and tender rib-eye steak, cooked perfectly medium-rare as requested, I can't help but take my time carefully cutting every bite, swooshing it around the juices in the plate, delicately placing it on my tongue, and then slowly biting into it so that each and every one of my taste buds can savour the taste of the steak as it literally melts like butter in my mouth.

The Rib-eye

It recently occurred to me that whatever else I eat, wherever else I eat it, I think to myself, "it was nice, but it could have been a rib-eye at Kozi's instead"...

And steak loves a salad, so this time round we had a Kozi's salad, which has Mozzarella, prosciutto, lettuce, rocket, cherry tomatoes with Kozi's sauce. Usually however, I have the ceaser salad which has big lovely grilled pieces of chicken in it, just right to get the appetite going!

Kozi's Salad

The starters are also to die for! I've had the stuffed portobello, the BBQ chicken wings, and the honey delight (grilled haloumi wrapped in prosciutto and served with honey and lemon) and they are all really really good. The burger is definitely one of the best going around, and of course all the grilled meats are all right up there with the rest! And last but not least, the deserts, which I believe are all home made. I usually go for the cheesecake, but the Oreo version is very very naughty indeed!

Honey Delight

BBQ Wings

This isn't on the menu (yet?). I believe they called it the Super Kozi's Burger!

Mala Mala Burger

Panna cotta

Cheesecake, Oreo Cheesecake and Chocolate moose

Basically almost everything on menu is very good, but they are shadowed by those which are exceptionally good, which in turn bow down to the phenomenally amazing rib-eye!

And then there's the environment; genuinely cozy! The staff always pleasant, and then Kozi himself! Always there, you get the sense that he absolutely loves what he is doing and the place he's set up and wants everything to be perfect! I've actually been sat outside in the street, waiting, not for a table, but for my company to arrive and he has come out, said hello, and offered me water or something while I wait! Now I think that goes further than customer service, I think that comes straight from the heart!

So honestly, do yourselves a favour, make the effort to get to Melissia, somehow, and have a meal at Kozi's. You won't regret it.

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  1. what about the prices?

  2. I think the ribeye is at around 19 euros, which is actually quite good considering I've had ribeye for 24-26 from other places. And in my opinions Kozi's is much better.

    The normal sized burger is under 10, I think closer to 8, which is also quite good considering you'll find delivery burgers for more, and again Kozi's is miles better.

    Basically you can pick a meal depending on what you're willing to spend and there's a good range of things to choose from, but whatever that is you'll definitely be getting value for money.

    Athinorama has it down as an average of 18-21 euros per person without drinks. I think they calculate that as an average starter plus an average main plus an average desert.


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