Sunday, 27 February 2011

A Full Day

Yesterday I had a pleasantly full day. I always like taking full advantage of a DAY I'm not working (as opposed to the night before and sleeping through the day).

I woke up around 8:30 and pondered about how borrowing/ lending leads to inflation (I know - random - that's just what got into my mind). That took me all the way up to 9:30. By the time I was up, showered and ready to go, I'd also arranged coffee in the centre. Thanks to my new motorbike, getting around has become easier than a walk in the park, so not long after 10 I was sat down having my coffee.

We went to 'Rosebud' in Kolonaki. I hadn't been there before but had walked by it many times and it had seemed very interesting. The coffee was as coffee should be, and the atmosphere had a warm jazzy feel to it. The décor included various vintage items and pictures - on the walls, in the tables and even IN the ceiling! Perfect for a cold winters morning coffee - and not only! Apparently, they serve food there too. Note to self: try food at Rosebud!

Next we went for walk to look around the shops that lasted till around 1 when we parted ways - but I wasn't done with the centre yet. A call to another friend in search of lunch landed me on Coffee number two! This one included a hearty waffle - not for me (sweats aren't really my forte): I was holding out for lunch - but for my companions. They swear by the waffles at 'Skoufa Bistro' in Kononaki, a bit further down from Rosebud. Of course by the time we were there, people were having lunch - and the food did look good. Note to self: bistro lunch @ Skoufa Bistro.

Eventually it was time for lunch. We pondered between a the 'lazy option' of having lunch where we were, the 'pigout option' of going to 'La Pasteria' and having a pasta each, and one to share (plus starters and a pizza), or the 'try something new' option of going for an Asian meal at one of the places in the side streets of Syntagma. Eventually went for option number three (though letting go of the pasta wasn't easy). We ended up in 'Dosirak' on Voulis 33, a Korean restaurant which includes Japanese dishes. I had spicy squid with steamed rice - very pleasant. I was very happy. My friends had the Katsu (deep fried breaded pork), which I also tried and which was nice. We shared some yakitori skewers and mixed mushrooms. Both were good. The only thing that tasted a bit wrong was the sake (and that may be just me - I'm no sake connoisseur). Over all I'd say if you fancy something different, its worth a visit. Next was dessert.

We went to 'Chatzis' on Syntagma square. This is a chain that started off in Thessalonika - so that alone should vouch for its quality. None the less I will say that we had some ice cream. The depth of flavour and texture was on par with no other. By this time it was around five-ish, and I could have happy called it a day but jokingly made a comment suggesting we have a few early drinks - and before I knew it off we were to Baba-au-Rum!

Now for those of you who haven't tried it, YOU HAVE NOT HAD A COCKTAIL TILL YOU'VE HAD A COCKTAIL AT BABA-AU-RUM. Now for me, and that's just personal taste, because I go for the drinks, I find that the best time to come is early afternoon, before it has time to pack up - at which point getting a drink is a Marathon and a half. I had my ever loved 'Sonic Boom' which, as best as I can describe it, is a mouth watering drink with a chilli kick to it. All was well for us here until the sun came down and the phenomenally chilled music sent us to sleep. We left - but not before deciding to end the day with a walk and a break for hot chocolate.

We walked until Gazi and stopped at 'Secreto', a relatively new place that operates probably more a a bar-club at night but was just right with just the right number of people for a day-ending hot chocolate. The décor has a dark back & red decadent feel to it - actually quite pleasant. We sat inside where we were happy to find that the smoking ban was being respected (at least at this time of day).
By eight thirty-ish we decided to call it and continue our walk home. We went though Thisio and round the Acropolis via 'Apostolou Pavlou' and 'Dyonisiou Aropagitou' - a great walk at any time of the day. As we walked with the Parthenon on our left and a hotel on our right (which had some sexual innuendo in its name) we pondered on the personal affairs of the ancient Greeks - I know - random - that's just what got into our minds!


  1. You have Korean restaurants in Greece..?!?! Are they actually run by Koreans...?!?!

  2. Well, there is only the one mentioned above that I know of. As to if it is run by Koreans, I do not know. I have however heard a story of Korean business men choosing to have a business lunch there (if at all that vouches for its authenticity). Further more I did a bit of research on-line and found a fellow blogger that claims the place is run by Koreans:


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