Saturday, 2 October 2010

Family Reunion... I Don't Think So!

Big family reunion planned for today. Not really my cup of tea. So, not to say that I need an excuse not to show up, but a phone call with a plan to try out an upcoming grill is what one would call the cherry on top!

The grill in question "Base Grill", located in the western suburb of Athens, 'Bournazi', (Κωνσταντινουπόλεως 64, Μπουρνάζι) just off the National Road:

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We ordered some starters, a salad, three different cuts of veal, and a red Chilian wine. When the wine came and was transfused into a large glass container to breath, we knew that we were in for some serious meat eating.

The thing is, its rare to ask for a medium or medium rare meat and get one - much less a medium one with a tasty char grilled crust. But oh boy did these people hit the nail on the head! We had guessed that would be the case by looking around at the other tables, but then, to our surprise, the waiter showed up with the coolest looked carving knife that looked and worked like a huge penknife! He sliced up the meat for us giving each a piece to try and talking us through the differences between taste and texture of each cut.

OK granted, maybe that was a bit too much - a step further would be to be fed - but when one complains about the lack of service in most eateries in Athens, one can't then complain about too much service.

All and all a great experience, and definitely worth the journey there. A bit on the pricey side, but we did order allot of stuff. I think, next time I'm there, it'll be a salad, a steak and chips.

You can read more about the place at on the Athinorama Website

But my day wasn't over yet, because after having a coffee at one of the many cafeterias of Bournazi and observing the local sights and sounds, we decided to return to the centre of Athens for drinks and the promise of an oasis hidden in its heart. Or rather the tail end of Six Dogs (I had to say it), because instead of entering this bar through the front entrance one can choose to takes the stairs that lead down, under and behind it, into an courtyard filled with wooden tables and chairs, a bar, a tent, and even a hammock and swing:

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Couple of cocktails - not half bad either - and we were on our way... All and all a day filled with adventure and discovery... and too think i could have wasted it with aunts and uncles...

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