Saturday, 9 October 2010

The Simple Things

Sometimes, its really the simple things that make the difference, and in this case it's the stop at a canteen at the end of a night out.

While I was in the UK, it was a dirty kebab. In Athens, its more often than not a hot dog stuffed with grated carrot and cabbage and dripping in sauce. The only similarity to the British kebabs is that they refer to them as "Bromika" or "Dirty". And the next day's stomach upset is never caused by the 15 shots of tequila or the 10 pints of beer. Its always that dirty snack that's to blame!

But I believe the reality is far from poor hygiene or poor quality of ingredients. Besides, what could be more settling for a stomach drowning in spirits than a meal balanced in carbs, proteins, vegetables and seasoning? ;)

In a health conscious society, a tasty but unhealthy or dirty snack is almost forbidden - naughty, making it all the more appealing. The picture of a child covered in chocolate, surrounded by chocolate wrappings looking up at its parents that have just caught it, come to mind. But is being naughty only a privilege of children? Or also adults who have the excuse of a conscience clouded by a nights worth of drinks? Maybe labelling a snack in this was has the same affect?

Whatever the case may be, Athenians are generally split into two groups. Those who swear by the canteen at 'Mavili' square and those the will hear of nothing other than the one on 'Mixalakopoulou'. I have my preference but will none the less urge you to try both and make up your own mind!

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